Custom Fabrication: One Brace Does Not Fit All

Custom Fabrication: One Brace Does Not Fit All - Image

It’s no secret that we are known for our Knitted Bracing Technology and Custom Fabrication. In fact, it’s one of the factors that makes Thuasne USA the top choice for many doctors and patients over our competitors. We believe that no two people are exactly alike; that each of us are made uniquely with specific needs and solutions. Individuality has always been a part of our brand, so much so that we extend this belief to both the manufacturing and design of our braces.

Custom Fabrication in Manufacturing

Many of our braces are custom manufactured to fit like a glove. In fact, they are made to order based on scans and measurements taken from the patient. Most braces on the market are designed specifically to address a certain body part, or to address a specific injury. But while an ACL injury is common, there are many factors that contribute to an ACL injury, and no two injuries look exactly the same. In addition, no two knees function the same way due to intricacies of the person’s size, weight, activity, age, and more. In fact, we recently made a Full Shell brace with a lateral extend to a footplate for a 700lb patient helping to make mobility a little easier. A feat that would not be possible with other manufacturers who only provide off-the-shelf products. As it turns out, one size does NOT fit all.

custom fabrication mold3 272x300 Custom Fabrication: One Brace Does Not Fit All

Therefore, we believe the only way to address the body part of injury at its root issue is to design a brace that is designed as specific as possible. After a quality cast is sent to us, our team gets to work on creating a custom-fitted brace. Given the volume and diversity of custom specialty braces we manufacture, Townsend has developed a level of proficiency that is difficult for O&P providers to replicate in their own shop. We fabricate carbon graphite KAFOs, AFOs and specialty knee braces for your most challenging, complex patients. You can count on our manufacturing team to help optimize each patient’s mobility and quality of life.

Custom Fabrication for the Person

Our custom braces are fitted with exclusive technology that is unmatched by our competitors. While most companies produce their braces outside of the US, our American-made braces are part of our commitment to each and every custom brace. Nearly 50% of our employees have worked at Thuasne USA for over a decade, and all together, we are responsible for over one million braces. The longevity, proficiency and quality of braces are not only hard to replicate in and of themselves, but it is rare for a company to be able to exceed expectation in all three of these categories.

Our commitment to quality and excellence is because we know that custom fabricated solutions can speed up recovery time as well as reduce pain. Pain reduction is the second reason that we are fiercely committed to a custom solution for each patient: quality of life after an injury and during recovery helps decrease the psychological ramifications that can come with a life-altering injury. Studies have proven that our braces have assisted patients in being able to resume their day to day activities early on in their recovery phase; increasing their quality of life. But, the Thuasne difference takes this one step further.

Fabric Sample 001 300x300 Custom Fabrication: One Brace Does Not Fit All

Each of our custom fabricated braces has an opportunity to be custom designed to the patient’s specifications. With dozen of color and design options, we pride ourselves in allowing a patient’s personality to be on display as he or she wears a Thuasne USA brace. Design possibilities are extensive, and we can even use a swatch of fabric to create custom fabric braces to accommodate a favorite sports team, cartoon for the pediatric clients, and the like. Because some braces are worn for a period of time, while others will be worn for the rest of their lives, we believe it is important for each brace to be an extension of a wearer’s personality. It is our way of reminding our customers that while their injury may have changed their life, it does not define them.