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Thuasne USA is built upon the idea that greater mobility means more freedom. As one of the most respected orthopedic device manufacturers, we specialize in giving patients the means to a better quality of life and mobility. Known for our knitted and custom fabrication technology, and expert engineering, our prescription-grade products meet the orthopedic needs of each individual patient. And it’s a difference that can be seen in everything we do.

The Thuasne Group was founded in France in 1847 and continues to grow by adding new subsidiaries, including the purchase of Townsend Design in the US in 2011. Thuasne USA is a global company, headquartered in Bakersfield, California.

Thuasne Technology: Our Working Principles

Spinning: Fibers are converted into yarn.

Covering: Elastic and non-elastic yarns are combined. This process allows Thuasne to precisely define the elasticity of the yarn to achieve international compression standards.

Knitting: Series of interlocking loops made with different types of yarn. This structure is designed with a precise map in order to adapt to the anatomy.

Advantages: Thuasne knitted braces offer a number of advantages when compared to neoprene-type braces. Thuasne’s effective and comfortable knitted braces have a significant impact on therapeutic results and overall patient compliance.

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Thuasne Knitted Brace Neoprene Brace
Compression. International standards guarantee compression levels. No standard to measure compression.

Promotes natural stabilization, reduces pain and swelling.

Exclusive knitting process ensures the brace fits the anatomical contours of the body. This provides even compression throughout the entire area. Neoprene is uniform in structure and composition. When the material is sewn together, it creates a tube and does not fit anatomically.
Breathability. The knitted materials have large, evenly spaced pores to ensure a high level of air permiability. Not conducive to airflow, retains heat.
Comfortable for daily use. Standard fibers (polyamide) are hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin. Retains heat, sweat cannot evaporate which causes discomfort on the skin and increased risk of skin irritation.
Overall fit. Our fabric remains flexible and adapts itself to the wearer’s body all day long to avoid tourniquet effect and migration. Neoprene has a tubular design which does not fit nor adapt to the body. In addition, it tends to migrate and roll.

What are the benefits of Thuasne’s exclusive process of manufacturing knitted braces?

THUASNE knitted braces have specific anatomical structure to adapt to each patient’s morphology during daily activities (i.e. specific areas for malleoli, knee, popliteal fossa, elbow crease).


Thuasne knitted braces have medically proven compression to:

  • Restore the proprioceptive message (perception of the body that enables natural stabilization. The skin is stimulated and nervous system activated when using knitted braces.
  • Promote blood circulation to reduce pain and swelling.

Thuasne knitted braces are breathable, hypoallergenic and latex free. The elastic and anatomical fabric avoids constricting circulation and tourniquet effect.


In knitted fabric, air can easily flow through. THUASNE knitted braces are naturally breathable.

  • Natural cooling effect
  • Avoids heat build up on the skin
  • Allows sweat to evaporate
  • Allows long lasting use
  • Avoids constricting circulation
  • Prevents migration
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Founded in 1984, Townsend Design is one of the orthopedic industry’s most respected manufacturers of ligament and OA knee braces, specialty lower extremity orthoses, and rehabilitate mobility devices. Acquired by Thuasne in 2011, Townsend has over 175 employees. Townsend’s manufacturing and distribution center is in Bakersfield, California.
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Townsend Technology

The Townsend Motion Hinge tracks with the anatomical roll-and-glide motion of the knee. The hinges keep the brace properly positioned on the limb throughout range of motion. This optimizes the function and suspension of the brace, producing the best outcomes and highest levels of patient compliance. This is in contrast to knee braces with generic polycentric hinges (used by other companies) that conflict with normal knee motion – causing the brace to gap, piston and migrate.

oa brace 181x300 Company ProfilesAdjustable Correction For OA Braces

The patented LoadShifter mechanism and tool-less Snaplock are innovative features incorporated into the femoral section of Townsend’s most popular rigid OA knee braces. By releasing the Snaplock, the fitter can utilize the LoadShifter to adjust the angle of the thigh shell. Increasing corrective pressure at the top of the leg amplifies the three-point counterforce at the knee and distal end of the brace – improving leg alignment and reducing compressive load on the damaged side of the knee.

anti migration 180x300 Company ProfilesAnti-migration

C/S Package: Keeping the brace ideally positioned on the leg, and preventing brace slippage, are hallmarks of Townsend’s technology. As a ‘no migration’ insurance policy, Townsend offers its patented Compression/Suspension Package. This pairing of semi-rigid padded sub-shells, strategically mounted into opposing sides of the thigh section of the brace, is a simple, yet revolutionary innovation. When the straps are tensioned, the pads compress into the femoral tissue above the bony condyles, comfortably burrowing into soft tissue to eliminate any potential for brace migration.
Synergistic Suspension: Our proprietary Synergistic Suspension Strap works brilliantly with the hinges and structural design of Townsend’s knee braces. The position and attachment is innovative. It nestles into the flexion fold behind the knee, tightening into the medial and lateral sides of the leg. It utilizes the top of the calf muscle as an anatomical shelf, and because the strap is non-elastic, it can’t slip down over the wider aspect of the calf.

rotationControl 300x198 Company ProfilesRotation Control

Comfortable Support: Townsend is the only manufacturer that specifically addresses the issue of brace rotation. For ligament instabilities and OA, controlling internal or external rotations is critical to the function of the brace. Townsend has invented variety of solutions to prevent brace rotation by use of tibial shell bolsters and contours. The tibia band on every Premier and Rebel Series brace is contoured to fit intimately along the flatter medial side and rounded lateral side.

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Founded in 2011, Quinn Medical disrupted the orthopedic industry by releasing the first universal sized spine brace (The Sleeq). Quinn’s innovative patented technology and comfortable brace designs rapidly gained market share and the company was acquired by Thuasne in 2016. Quinn’s office and distribution center is in San Clemente, California.
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((SLEEQ)) Spinal Therapy System with InvisAdjust

The SLEEQ revolutionized back bracing with its ingeniously simple ability to fit nearly any waist size and body type. While universal size braces are now an industry standard, the patented SLEEQ technology offers unmatched ease of adjustment and adaptability for optimum fit, function and comfort.

Universal Sizing

belt image 1024x283 Company ProfilesEvery SLEEQ™ model adjusts to fit the vast majority of patients. Sizing Arqs™ provide landmarks for waist circumference and proper alignment, enabling nearly infinite adjustability and customization.

Comfort and Compliance

Compression style back braces are clinically proven to reduce pain, lessen the need for medications, and increase activity levels. But these benefits can only be achieved if patients are compliant. SLEEQ’s approach to comfort and compliance are Best-in-Class. Quinn Medical uses all open-cell foams and aerated panels for breathability and reduced skin moisture; cold molding plastics for an automatically customized anatomical fit; and Quinn Medical was one of the first to use comfortable, ergonomic pull-tabs to make tightening a cinch.

Dual-Zone Technology

The SLEEQ Dual-Zone Technology is Quinn’s unique approach to the brace wings. An inelastic center section provides stabilizing compression and unparalleled comfort with mild stretch relief at the ribs and hips. This design maximizes compression where you need it with relief where you want it. Effective compression is maintained, even while seated, when there’s more pressure on the lumbar anatomy.

Integrated Cold/Heat Therapy

The SLEEQ Spinal Therapy System incorporates cold or heat capability with Q°thermo ComfoWrap™ . Simply attach Q°thermo using the exclusive AnchorTab System for the added benefit of cold or heat pain relief, right where it’s needed.

Sitting Comfort

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Even pressure on discs while in a standing position.


More pressure on the discs when at a right angle sitting position.

Dual-Zone Technology

Maintain effective compression and relief at the ribs and hips.


Patients stay cool and dry with ventilated support panels and lightweight breathable materials.

Proven Pain Relief

SLEEQ compression braces provide safe and effective pain relief without the side-effects of medications.

Made in USA

SLEEQ products are designed and made in the USA with the highest quality components.

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