Knitted Bracing Technology

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While resilient, humans are not immune to bumps, bruises and breaks. Thousands of people across the US head into their doctor’s office each day to help relieve pain and restore mobility. Many of these doctors will prescribe a brace, with the most common being a neoprene or neoprene-type brace. And while intentions are good, neoprene braces tend to over promise and under deliver.

At Thuasne, we have developed a proprietary technology that exceeds all expectations for both patients and doctors when it comes to medical bracing technology: pain relief, superior fit, anti-migration, and breathable fabric. Our knitted bracing technology is like no other technology on the market, and it is our industry distinction.

Truly, it’s the Thuasne difference.

Knitted Technology: How it Works

What is different about Knitted Bracing Technology that makes Thuasne stand out among the competition? Our proprietary knitting process utilizes three different types of textiles: fiber, yarn, and fabric. Unlike neoprene, a synthetic rubber material, the partnership of our three textiles allows for flexibility, efficacy, and comfort.

Thuasne knitting fibers technology 300x190 Knitted Bracing TechnologyOur Knitted bracing technology is a three-step process which yields a high return on fit, function, and mobility:

Spinning: First, fibers are turned into two types of yarn: elastic and non-elastic.
Covering: Second, both types of yarn are combined to expertly define the elasticity of the yarn to ensure international compression standards.
Knitting: The third step is a series of interlocking loops made with different types of yarn. The structure of these loops follows a precise design map in order to adapt to the anatomy of the patient.

This three-step process is the Thuasne difference. Due to our textile choices and calculated design, our braces have proven advantages over their neoprene and neoprene-type competitors.

The Thuasne Difference

Action Relievers Webs 300x300 Knitted Bracing Technology

Action Reliever featuring Thuasne Knitted Technology

Now that we know not all braces are created equal, it is important to define the advantages that come with a superior bracing technology. In a randomized control trial one of our knitted knee braces, the Action Reliever, proved to have greater effects on walking distances, and pain relief than with those patients who wore no brace at all.

Our Knitted technology is so comfortable, that our braces are worn every day, for every possible active situation: from daily activities like cooking and shopping to more rigorous sports or hiking. Our exclusive technology allows for the braces to evenly fit the contours of the body, delivering equal amounts of compression to the affected area. Unlike neoprene type braces that are uniform and structure in composition, our braces adapt to the wearer’s body all day, avoiding the tourniquet effect and migration.

In addition to flexibility, comfort, as it pertains to breathability, is another marker of superiority in our braces. Each and every one of our knitted braces have large, evenly spaced pores to ensure a high level of air permeability. Our fibers are also hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin, so they won’t cause irritation from built-up heat and sweat that cannot evaporate.

Why it Matters

We truly believe that the technical parts of our knitted technology are only half of the story. Everything that goes into our bracing solutions is for the comfort and quality of life of the wearer. We know that real recovery happens when patients are able to move and do the things they love most with the people they love most.