Pain relieving solution

    Action Reliever combines compression with a proprietary three point force lever arm, and produces a surprising, yet comfortable, corrective force that relieves pain and increases mobility. This pain relieving effect has been demonstrated through a randomized clinical trial. Please consult the brochure you can download here for more information.

    Easy to wear and easy to fit

    A comfortable pain-relieveing solution: anatomic knitted structure is luxuriously comfortable, fits symbiotically with the leg, and will never migrate.

    No one will know the patient is wearing a brace! Action Reliever profile has been minimized in order to maximize patient compliance.

    Slide – Snap – Go: that’s all the patient needs to know! After initial fitting by a medical professional, the patient just has to SLIDE the brace up the leg, SNAP the two magnetic buckles, and they are ready to GO!

    Super-slim magnetized buckles self-connect. The patient uses the finger loop to tighten each strap, and as the buckle approaches the receiver it magnetically makes the connection. It is simplistic even for patients with limited dexterity.

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    The brace up the leg


    The two buckles and you are ready


    That’s all your patient needs to know

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