ACL Injury and Full ROM Rehab

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One of the most common knee injuries is an Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL injury when the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is either stretched or torn. Commonly, people associate ACL injuries with intense sports such as football, basketball, soccer or skiing, but anyone at any age can suffer from an ACL injury. Depending on the severity of the ACL injury, the activity level and age of the person, and other factors, recommendations for treatment options including the question of surgery, will be considered. However, whatever treatment option is decided upon, only one brace on the market will keep the knee stable with maximum control and a full range of motion: the Air Townsend.

Mobility Matters

Initially, after an ACL injury, a patient will experience swelling and pain along with a loss of range of motion. While resting under the doctor’s instructions will be an important part of the healing phase, studies show that movement and mobility are crucial to rehabilitation. In many cases, exercise is mandated almost immediately after surgery, and successful rehabilitation relies heavily on the amount and frequency of exercise.

The exercises associated with ACL rehabilitation focus specifically on regaining a full range of motion while keeping the knee stable. Surgeons agree that the best way to regain a full range of motion is to practice that full range of motion during rehab exercises. Maintaining mobility of the kneecap prevents anterior knee pain problems, brings about a full range of motion, and aids in the strengthening of the quadriceps and hamstring muscles.

The Air Townsend

The Air Townsend brace is the only brace on the market that ensures the maximum amount of comfort and provides stability through a full range of motion. At the same time that the Air Townsend’s unique design gives full support of the knee, it allows for the knee to become stronger while in motion. Unparalleled in comfort and fortitude, the standard features of the Air Townsend are without equal:Full Shell Pediatric copy 300x300 ACL Injury and Full ROM Rehab

  • Custom molded laminated carbon graphite shells
  • Townsend Motion TM5+ Hinges
  • Extension stop kit
  • Exclusive Synergistic Suspension Strap
  •  Anti-rotation tibia shell bolster

Each one of these features allows for full stabilization of the knee while promoting mobility including a full range of motion. For patients who have a complicated or multifaceted ACL injury, these additional features can be added to make certain that even the most complex injuries have the best chance to experience full recovery:

  • ACL or combined instabilities
  • Anti-migration strap padding
  • Minimum shell length over 12 inches
  • Hinge material-aluminum or stainless
  • Flexion stop kit

While the Air Townsend’s features will meet the needs of an ACL injury, the brace is far from a one-size fit all solution that many of the knee braces on the market today suggest. Much the same as other Thuasne braces, the Air Townsend is custom made to order. Custom fabricated from a cast, Kneepix or digital scan, each Air Townsend is designed to fit the patient’s specific needs and shape.

Back in Action

Most doctors will allow a patient to return to normal physical activities or even sports once a full range of motion is achieved. However, depending on the patient, this may or may not coincide with being “fully recovered”. In fact, a knee brace may be required while the patient is engaging in regular physical activities while the knee completely heals, gains strength, and becomes stable.

Because the Air Townsend is custom made to order, our fabrication process also takes into account the activities in which the brace will be worn. Depending on the patient’s activity level, the Air Townsend can include the optional shell configuration or special trim lines appropriate to specific activities. Furthermore, the Air Townsend comes in a variety of colors and fabric inlays so the patient can return to their favorite activities in style.

While color and design options may seem to some like a superfluous detail, often overlooked, we hold a high value on the quality of life of every patient wearing a Thuasne brace. We believe that part of anyone’s quality of life is the capacity to express individuality and personality in the activities that bring health, longevity and extra endorphins!