The Comfort All Pregnant Moms Deserve

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As a family-owned company, we have a big love for mothers and all they sacrifice for their children. And we know that it all begins with pregnancy. Our LombaMum Maternity Lumbar Support Brace / pregnancy belt is an ode to all the Mums-to-be who are suffering through their pregnancy as a result of low back, pelvic and sciatic pain.

A mark of the Thuasne Difference is a care and concern for you that inspires our medical bracing solutions. Whether it’s a love story that inspired our Sleeq back brace, or the anecdote reflecting on the Thuasne Family name, our medical grade braces have always been multifaceted in comfort, reliability, and legacy. Our maternity bracing solution, the LombaMum is no different. With unparalleled support without vascular or abdominal compression, the LombaMum’s features and ergonomic design is unmatched with any maternity support brace on the market.

Our desire is that our pregnancy belts not only help reduce pain and alleviate discomfort but also serve as a reminder that it takes a village of support and comfort on the beautiful journey of Motherhood. It is our job to help support you during your joyful pregnancy. We have already literally supported over 100,000 Mums-to-be in Europe, and we are so excited to now offer our LombaMum support belt for purchase here in the United States!

But don’t just take our word for it, check out these Mums who wore the LombaMum during their pregnancy and see for yourself what they thought of it:

LM testimonial Kristen 300x300 The Comfort All Pregnant Moms Deserve“The Lomba Mum not only gave me the support to keep doing what I love but alleviated my discomfort, especially during the last weeks of my pregnancy on bedrest.

Kristen Achayra, Race Car Driver, Mother of a 6-month-old.”

LM testimonial Bonnie 300x300 The Comfort All Pregnant Moms Deserve“Absolutely loved how supportive the LombaMum was! I wore it my whole pregnancy. It was so sleek under my clothing too!”

Bonnie Lewis, Public Speaker, Mother of 1-year-old and 7-year-old.

LM testimonial Kayla 300x300 The Comfort All Pregnant Moms Deserve“The Lomba Mum belt gave great support during my triplet pregnancy. It was exactly what I needed and had been looking for. I highly recommend it for all expecting mothers.”

Kayla Nation, Teacher, Mother of 18-month-old triplets.

LM testimonial Jourdenne 300x300 The Comfort All Pregnant Moms Deserve“Once I got pregnant I quickly realized my back and stomach muscles felt way different the second time around! Trying to keep up with my 2 year old daughter while working part time on my feet as a hair & makeup artist wasn’t easy. The moment I got the Lomba Mum brace I felt relief in both my back and pelvic area. I would recommend to anyone that needs the extra support!!”

Jourdenne Ballard, Hair & Makeup Artist, Expecting and Mother of a 2-year-old

In any given day, Mothers take on the role and challenges of a doctor, teacher, friend, support, cook, chauffeur, playmate…and so much more; they need their strength! While the journey of motherhood is beautiful and painful at times, we want you to be certain that you are never alone in your struggles. We will always have your back.

Here’s to you, Moms! We support you!

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