The Love Story Behind the SLEEQ Brace Invention

The Love Story Behind the SLEEQ Brace Invention - Image

When we at Thuasne set out to create a brace, we do so with our patients in mind. In fact, when we acquired Quinn Medical in 2016, we did so knowing their products were made with the same standards. Some of Quinn’s (and now Thuasne’s) most respected and well-known products not only exceed industry standards but have shown an unprecedented patient focus from their inception.

The SLEEQ brace is a prime example. Not only is it regarded as the most comfortable and easy to adjust brace on the market, its origin reflects our concern for people like no other.

Todd Thornton, former owner of Quinn Medical along with Allwyn Thornton, is the inventor of the SLEEQ brace. His journey in creating this market changing spinal solution was extraordinary. Years ago, when Thornton met his future wife, Allwyn, he was impressed by how much she knew about spine bracing. Allwyn had been through multiple back surgeries and was prescribed numerous back braces that fell far below expectations. Todd had extensive experience in spine bracing and spinal implants and as their relationship developed into marriage, the stage was set for a monumental collaboration to develop an incredible spine bracing solution. Allwyn had been prescribed numerous back braces that were promised to help alleviate her pain and reduce her level of discomfort. Regardless of the manufacturer’s endorsements, Allwyn’s prescribed braces were uncomfortable, hard to use, and only added to the stress and discomfort of her back problems.

Through their collaboration and years of development, the SLEEQ was born!

The SLEEQ became the first true universal spine brace on the market and is also highly regarded as the most comfortable.

The SLEEQ brace is boldly unique in its design:

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  • It boasts a universal sizing adjustment and wing construction that fits virtually all body types quickly and effectively.
  • TruGlide tightening with DualZone Compression technology provides exceptional compression and support along with pressure relief at the ribs and hips to prevent migration and maintain effective compression even while sitting.
  • Crafted from ultra-lightweight and breathable materials, the brace allows for enhanced compliance.

The SLEEQ brace is the quintessential picture of what our braces represent: effective solutions for real people who deal with real pain. The Thornton’s personal experiences, medical situations, and skills drove the design and meticulous attention to detail in creating the best spine bracing solution on the market. The SLEEQ brace not only remains the first true universal fitting spinal solution on the market, but the remarkable brace is still regarded as the most comfortable spinal solution, even when a user is in a seated position.

Thornton and Allwyn are happily married and their efforts in creating an outstanding bracing solution for back pain patients are rewarded through SLEEQ’s ability to help every person who wears one benefit by a reduction of pain, an increase in activity and a better quality of life.