Tennis Elbow Can’t Stop You

Tennis Elbow Can’t Stop You - Image

Practice makes perfect, right?  Mostly, yes. But sometimes, practice means repetition and overuse of a joint or muscle and in that case, practice causes…injury!  Often when we have new fitness goals in mind, we can overdue it out of our enthusiasm. If this happens to you, don’t panic! You don’t have to put your goals on hold to recover, you just need the right brace to help you stay active while in recovery.  

Tennis Elbow

One of the most common injuries from overuse of a body part is Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow. Tennis Elbow occurs when the tendons in your elbow are overloaded and overused usually by long-term repetitive motions.  Contrary to its name, you don’t have to be a tennis player to develop this painful condition. In fact, many people such as painters, carpenters, baristas, or even those working in an office all day can suffer from tennis elbow.  Pain along the medial epicondyle (Medial Epicondylitis) is also known as Golfer’s Elbow or Baseball Elbow.

But no matter what has caused this condition, there is one thing that remains true for all cases: it can impede with your daily activities and active lifestyle.  Why? Because often the pain from Tennis Elbow does not stay local to the elbow and instead migrates into your forearm and wrist. And most likely, your tennis elbow has developed in your dominant side which can really impede your ability to do the simplest of tasks like brushing your teeth!

Braces Made for Recovery

Tennis elbow, along with many other conditions, can become so severe your doctor may require you to go through rest, rehabilitation, or sometimes even surgery.  It is customary for your doctor to prescribe a brace to help you with your recovery, but most neoprene style braces can limit a patient’s ability to move freely, making recovery quite the effort!

Our knitted bracing technology uses a one-of-a-kind, three-step process which yields a high return on fit, function, and mobility.   This technology allows for a patient to wear the prescribed brace comfortably while maintaining most normal movements and activities.  In addition, our braces have been proven to reduce pain and speed up recovery time.

Braces such as the Silistab Epi and Epi-Med are a perfect choice for Tennis Elbow recovery.  The Silistab Epi provides support and compression with an anatomically-shaped elastic knit for optimal elbow crease comfort.  Also included are patented pull tabs for easy application and removal. The Epi-Med, provides dual targeted compression on either side of the elbow for inflamed tendons.  While less cumbersome than the Silistab Epi both deliver different results and target different areas of the elbow.

No matter if you are achieving a new fitness goal, doing the best job you can at work or at home, or simply being the best version of yourself this year, we are here to support you!  Injuries are common and a fact of life, but they don’t have to stop your life. Thuasne USA braces are designed for optimal comfort, speedy recovery times, and active rehabilitation because we believe you are at your best when you are living your best life.