Mobility in Wrist Bracing

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Not all injuries happen while doing a high-flying stunt. In fact, most injuries happen doing our favorite hobbies, activities, or even on the job. Today we address a collection of important joints that each of us uses almost every day, yet take for granted: the wrist.

The wrist plays a crucial role in the movement and function in our hands, an appendage that is vital to virtually every daily task and activity. That’s why we designed the Ligaflex Pro: the Ligaflex Pro is unlike any wrist bracing solution on the market in that it offers a universal fit with complete support to the wrist while being breathable, comfortable and practical.

The Finest Technology, Highest Level of Comfort

The LigaFlex Pro is designed with a highly-breathable spacer fabric which creates a wrist support that fits the patient’s wrist, arm and hand with anatomical certainty. In addition, the silicone insert that protects the ulnar condyle does not retract easily while a patient is completing everyday tasks, and all of the seams are smooth and non-abrasive. The Ligaflex Pro’s easy-to-use quick lacing system makes putting on and taking off the brace easy and fast while its universal fit and design allows for tightening and loosening according to the patient’s needs.

Finally, we designed the Ligaflex Pro to use only the exact amount of fabric needed to create support but not so much that it gets in the way, and with no extra fabric at the thumb opening, the LigaFlex Pro supports and protects while allowing the patient to resume most daily activities.

Working Pain-Free

Kristy from California recently used the Ligaflex Pro after taking a fall on a bike path near her house. Because of her line of work as a dental hygienist, her injury had the potential of having negative ramifications on her career. Here is her story on how using the Ligaflex Pro not only helped her recovery but made it possible to work pain-free in the healing process:

%name Mobility in Wrist Bracing

“After taking a little fall on the bike path not too long ago, I noticed my wrist started to ache and become slightly swollen. I ignored it for a few days, thinking it was just sprained. I am a dental hygienist and I use my hands for work every day, each day I ignored the pain I found it more difficult to do my job. Finally, after nearly a week of suffering, I went to Urgent Care, they did an X-ray and confirmed that I had a hairline fracture. Darn!! I couldn’t overlook that.”

“The Urgent Care sent me home in a flimsy, lightweight wrist splint. It didn’t offer much support or compression and I think it made my wrist hurt even more. After a couple days of wearing that brace, I was able to get a Thuasne Ligaflex Pro. I can’t believe how different it felt. It fit perfectly and braced my wrist, so I could work pain-free.

“I don’t know much about bracing, and I really hope I don’t wipe out on the bike path anytime soon. But, if I do… I will ask my doctor for a Thuasne USA brace.”

Mobility Matters in Wrist Bracing

The Ligaflex Pro encompasses everything that matters most to us at Thuasne USA, including the priority we set on mobility. We believe that quality of life is directly correlated to one’s mobility: when a person can’t move and function without pain, their quality of life has decreased. No matter what the task, we are certain your patients will benefit from the mobility, comfort and support of the Ligaflex Pro. We know that the mental state of the patient is part of the process, and having a high-quality wrist brace that allows them to resume normal activities pain-free will make all the difference.