A Better MCL Injury Recovery Brace

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Well, it’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter and the leaves are changing color. There is a chill in the air that only the start of fall can bring. Fall can mean many things to many people. But for some, fall only means one thing: Hockey season! As we head to the rink to cheer on our favorite teams, we are reminded that these athletes are not impervious to injury.

With over one million registered hockey players in the United States and Canada combined, athletic injuries are common and can debilitate players for the remainder of their seasons. Not only is this a risk for individual players, but not having them in the rink could result in a loss for their team. While the most common injury in NCAA hockey is a concussion, a medial collateral ligament (MCL) injury comes in at a close second.

What is an MCL?

The MCL is a static stabilizer along the inside of the knee, consisting of three layers of soft tissue with interconnections to the joint capsule, muscle, tendons, and the medial meniscus. Around 77% of MCL injuries are a result from direct bodily contact where there is a direct blow to the outside of the knee.

While most MCL cases are inoperable, the good news is that given proper treatment the injury can heal quickly and efficiently. In fact, the average time for recovery from an MCL injury is 23 days, and the majority of players are able to return to their pre-injury activities with ease. Pain reduction, stabilization, and a decrease in time out of the game are all attributed to the use of a knee brace during rehabilitation.

The Townsend Air

Our Townsend Air knee brace is specifically designed for an MCL injury as it aids in pain reduction, increased stabilization and maximum protection. The Townsend Air is a carbon fiber knee brace that is fabricated specifically for each athlete using a digital leg scan or cast. The end result is a low-profile brace with anti-migration technology due to our Synergistic Suspension strap that is guaranteed. In fact, if the brace slips while the athlete is wearing it, we will send a full refund! At Thuasne USA, we stand by our products; that’s our promise.

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The Townsend Air Knee Brace

It is our proprietary Townsend Motion Hinges that make this brace the most anatomically correct brace on the market. Our hinges keep in track with the roll and glide motion of the knee joint. By mimicking the mechanics of the knee joint, the Townsend Air allows athletes to be as active as possible during rehabilitation. In addition, the Townsend Air feature customized contouring of the tibia shell. Compared to other braces on the market with rounded anterior shells or a posterior tibia band that presses into the soft tissue, the Townsend Air is comfortably locked into the shin and with an incorporated semi-rigid bolster, the control of the rotary instabilities is greatly enhanced.

Offered in a variety of colors to fit any athlete’s personal style or team colors, the Townsend Air is a fully customized brace, from start to finish. With every brace made to fit comfortably under all padding necessary for hockey players, your opponent will be none the wiser! With a quick turn around of a two day service, and same day fabrication upon request, the Air Townsend is the most efficient way to get back into the rink after an MCL injury!