Don’t Let Your Knee Injury Put You on the Bench

Don’t Let Your Knee Injury Put You on the Bench - Image

The only cure we have found for the winter blues is cheering for our favorite teams in our favorite winter sports.  Coincidentally, there have been a few instances where we have watched our sports heroes suffer season-ending knee injuries and it’s been tragic, to say the least.  The first that comes to mind is Carnell “Cadillac” Williams in 2007, LA Lakers Andrew Buynum in 2008, and Jerry Rice in 1997 who tore his anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments in his left knee.  But what is even more devastating is when these injuries happen to us, making the Monday Night Football routine suddenly very personal.

Knee injuries make up one of the most common injury experienced by the everyday athlete.  In fact, in 2010, more than 10 million people visited the doctor’s office due to a knee injury.  While the majority of knee injuries can be treated at home, some require surgical intervention.  While we hope that you don’t suffer a serious knee injury, we are here in case you pull a Jerry Rice at the gym and need some intervention.  

Knee Rehabilitation and Support is Multi-faceted

The knee is a complicated joint.  Moving like a door hinge, it controls our ability to sit, squat, run, walk and jump.  Perhaps this is the exact reason why it is easily injured; it is used very often and in high impact situations.  Because a knee injury is commonly a cause for pain and inflammation, the root source of the problem may be one of many things.  Thus, in treating the knee pain and injury, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

At Thuasne USA, we not only know this to be true, but our bracing technology and solutions reflect this reality.  With over 14 knitted solutions, we are no strangers to creating a proprietary brace for every type of injury. However, we do see a large number of knee injuries which require two specific types of prescription braces that we want to highlight, in case your personal injury may require something similar. 

Action Reliever (OA) Knee Brace

The first of these popular braces is the Action Reliever for knee osteoarthritis.  The Action Reliever combines compression with a proprietary three-point force lever arm resulting in surprisingly comfortable and effective support.  Not only does this force support the knee, creating immobility in the places that count the most, but it also has been proven to reduce pain and increase mobility for daily movement.  This means that your recovery from your knee injury doesn’t have to be spent on the “bench” of your life, but can be mobile, active, and comfortable. In addition to its functional and healing attributes, some of its other distinctions from common knee braces are:

  • Anti-migration; fitting comfortably on the knee and leg, the Action Reliever is guaranteed to not migrate no matter the movement.  
  • Low profile; with a minimal profile to maximize patient compliance, no one will know the patient is wearing the brace!
  • Slide-Snap-and Go technology; after initial fitting form a medical professional, the Action Reliever is easy and quick to put on and stay in place.
  • Super-slim magnetized buckles; buckles magnetize toward each other making the brace easy for patients to use.

The Action Reliever is one of the only braces on the market that has been proven in a randomized trial to reduce pain and increase mobility!  But don’t take our word for it, click here to read the study for yourself!

Patella Reliever

Most knee braces are made from neoprene or other similar materials, but the DNA of the Patella Reliever makes it stand out from the competition.  Its breathable fabric is a precisely knitted compression sleeve that incorporates anti-migration silicone threads, making the fabric cooler and more breathable than the standard on the market.  In addition, the Patella Reliever has a soft tracking guide which allows the patient to easily and precisely position the EVA foam patella insert.  But that isn’t all. While most knee braces don’t move with your knee, the Patella Reliever has an integrated pulley system designed to enable customizable correction based on the unique needs of the patient.  Patients who would benefit from the Patella Reliever may suffer from:

  • Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome
  • Lateral Patellar Subluxation
  • Lateral Patellar Dislocations
  • Patello-Femoral Arthritis
  • Lateral Patellar Compression Syndrome
  • Chondramalacia
  • Post Lateral Release Surgery

The Patella Reliever is one of our most popular knee braces due to its diversity in treating many conditions, yet its forward-thinking technology allows it to be customized for the intricacies that can be found in many injuries.  

While knee injuries may be common, their rehabilitation don’t have to be.  Choosing a Thuaane USA brace means you are choosing an active recovery while maintaining your quality of life.  Unlike many athletes, your injury doesn’t have to have the final say!