SpryStep® Flex

    Dynamic spiral strut AFO
    PDAC pending L1951

    SpryStep® Flex is the newest member of the SpryStep® family. It features the same posterior-lateral strut as the SpryStep® Original, but the greater spiral curve of the strut and a different material blend gives the SpryStep® Flex more flexibility.


    Adapted for the most active patients

    The unique design of the SpryStep® Flex and
    its flexibility provides the ability to fit patients with mild foot drop. Additionally, the most active patients (marathon runners etc.) can benefit from its unique dynamic properties without risk of breakage or delamination.

    Proprietary Fabrication

    The unique blend of materials used in the SpryStep® Flex, combined with the spiral geometry of the strut, creates an extremely durable AFO with a signature blue strut.

    Posterior lateral strut

    The spiral strut is uniquely positioned behind the malleoli to amplify energy return and fit more easily into most shoes.

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