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SpryStep® Carbon Footplate

Thuasne’s Answer to Turf Toe

Turf Toe is the third highest injury (behind knee and ankle injuries) that causes college athletes to miss football playing time. The SpryStep® Carbon Footplate has been designed to alleviate foot pain and instability. Among non-athletes, there are multiple additional clinical applications for acute or chronic foot conditions.


  • Based on the assessment of a healthcare professional, these indications can be treated.
  • Great Toe Plantar Plate Injury (Turf Toe)
  • Metatarsal Fractures
  • Lis Franc Injury
  • Forefoot, Midfoot Pain
  • Athletic Enhancement 
  • Complimentary to foot orthoses prescription
  • Ankle Sprains
  • Forefoot, Midfoot Arthritis
  • Foot Stress Fractures
  • Metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint injuries

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Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber

Rigid carbon core surrounded by trimmable composite material provides support and dynamic response
Trim To Fit

Trim To Fit

Circumferential blue material is trimmable to customize the fit inside the shoe

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