ROMX and ROM Series

    Patients who require post-operative fixation and/or range of motion control for post-injury stabilization.


    • Rigid aluminum bars
    • Hinges with adjustable extension & flexion stops
    • Drop lock mechanism


    • Bar Length
    • Shell pads (Full, Air, or Breeze)
    • Straps with Velcro or buckle closures
    • ROMX.SS and ROMX.BP feature suspension optimizing (anti-migration) technology


    • OTS, variety of models and lengths
    • Universal size, no measurements required
    • Full shell pads available for thigh circumference over 30 inches

    Braces available with ROMX Hinges:

    • ROMXSS
    • ROMXBP
    • ROMXFP
    • ROMXAP

    Braces available with Traditional ROM Hinges:

    • AIR ROM short
    • AIR ROM long
    • ROM 4
    • ROM 6

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