Stat-A-Dyne™ WHFO

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Recommended for: Fracture & Dislocation / Sub-acute Tenolysis / Crush Injury / Tendon & Ligament Repair / Degloving / Burn / CRPS / Finger and/or Wrist Contracture / Closed Manipulation / Other Orthopedic and Neurological Conditions

Feature Benefit

  • ROM: Extension 0° – 90° | Flexion 0°- 90° | Full Composite Fist
  • Combined motion therapy for wrist and fingers
  • Long Extrinsic Extensor/Flexor Stretch and Tenodesis Stretch
  • Malleable finger attachments for individualized finger ROM
  • Off the shelf or custom cuffs for maximum soft tissue capture
  • Small, medium, and large gloves
  • Three modalities for tissue elongation (static progressive, dynamic, & dual function)
  • Circular hinge for terminal end range of motion
  • Light-weight and rigid aircraft aluminum maintains anatomical alignment
  • Bi-directional hinge allows both flexion and extension in a single device