SLEEQ Adapt 456 TLSO

PDAC Approved L0456

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The SLEEQ Adapt by Thuasne USA puts power in the hands of the clinician with an TLSO that’s designed to provide the greatest level of customization, while giving patients the comfort and support that fits their individual needs.

Recommended for: Low back support, sagittal plane motion restriction (and coronal plane motion restriction on 637), increased intracavity pressure to reduce spine and disc load, acute and/or chronic low back and lower extremity pain (sciatica), and recovery from post-operative spinal procedures or injury


  • Patented Invis-Adjust universal sizing technology fits 26” to 65” waist circumference
  • Reinforced, customizable felt wing insert for greater support
  • Wings can be angled to optimize fit for all body types
  • Dual Zone Technology for comfortable pressure relief, even while seated