Why Every Expecting Mother Needs Support

Why Every Expecting Mother Needs Support - Image

Why Every Expecting Mother Needs Support

Pregnancy is a time of celebration, uncertainty, and growth. It is crucial for women to stay active, stress-free, and healthy to ensure the best delivery outcomes. Some expecting mothers do not expect to face debilitating back and pelvic pain during this momentous life milestone. Unfortunately, these women are not alone; this type of pregnancy-related pain is prevalent in the soon-to-be-mom community.

Nearly 50% of women experience lower back pain, pelvic pain, and sciatica by the 24th week of pregnancy. Fortunately, women no longer have to put up with the pain all alone. Here at Thuasne, we not only have your back – we support all women in being healthy, happy moms.

The brilliant LombaMum Maternity Belt was created to help with the discomfort that many women experience. This adjustable, mom-approved brace was designed to quickly deliver support, comfort, and mobility during any trying trimester.

The LombaMum is designed to fit under any outfit seamlessly, so the only bump people will notice is that darling baby bump. Read below to learn why this ergonomic band is popular with over 100,000 pregnant women across the globe.

Brace yourself — mother’s perfect helper is here.

From walking to running errands, tension from lugging around a budding baby can take its toll on the back. Practicing good posture during pregnancy is vital when performing daily activities. If not, the lumbar system can become fatigued and subsequently misaligned. After the 24th week of gestation, the body’s ligaments rapidly stretch as the baby grows, and discomfort can ensue during this gestational phase. 

Plus, it’s tough to catch a break when pregnancy-related pain is resulting in less exercise, less sleep, and more worry. This discomfort doesn’t always end when the baby is born. Studies found that nearly 20% of women continued to experience joint dislocation and back pain three months after their delivery, ouch! If you’re feeling stretched to the max (literally), take comfort in knowing there is a preventative solution to this problem.

We recommend finding and using a maternity band that fits your style. From acute agony to post-partum pain, you will discover the benefits of bracing can enhance your quality of life, stabilizing the spine and setting the body straight on a path to wellness. With two lumbar straps and four self-contouring embedded supports, the LombaMum is a natural choice for future parents of the world. 

Wearing a medically-approved brace takes the pressure off ligaments and eases the tension on joints, muscles, and ligaments in the body. This design was genuinely fashioned with mothers in mind, as comfortable abdominal bands embrace the belly as the baby grows. 

The number one pick in Europe for a reason

Thusane developed the adjustable LombaMum band to ease stress levels and increase comfort. This sleek, ergonomic design:

  • Redistributes weight to reduce lumbar stress
  • Reduces sacroiliac pain and tension on the back
  • Features a connective belt that grows with you and baby from zero to nine months
  • Safely cups the stomach without additional compression
  • Gently lifts and takes the pressure off the bladder
  • Contains four adjustable straps that support the curve of the lumbar spine
  • Eases bladder pressure with an on-compressive abdominal support 
  • Helps maintain a healthy posture during pregnancy
  • Constructed and woven with a breathable material
  • Designed with flexible sizing: (33 ½”– 49 ¼”) 

With great joy in pregnancy comes tremendous changes in a woman’s body. Celebrate this transformative time. Exercise is one solution to reduce this stress, but without proper support, leisurely dog-walking and simple gardening become burdensome on a body. That’s why at Thuasne, we provide wings for your health with an uplifting belt that makes pregnancy lighter and more comfortable for moms everywhere. 

Want to learn more? Don’t take our word for it. Read the rave reviews below and see how the LombaMum Maternity Belt is a mother’s perfect pregnancy companion.