Thuasne USA receives L1851 and L1843 PDAC approval for the Action Reliever

Thuasne USA receives L1851 and L1843 PDAC approval for the Action Reliever - Image

The Action Reliever by Thuasne USA, a better option for patients and reimbursement.

Patients with mild to moderate OA, looking for a sleek and easy to use device have found it with the Action Reliever by Thuasne USA. Having recently received PDAC approval for codes L1851 and L1843, the Action Reliever is the perfect initial solution that’s fully reimbursed without any barriers.

The Action Reliever uses compression and a patented three-point strapping system to create a comfortable and easy to apply brace with an ultra-low-profile look and fit. Featuring alignment enhancing stabilization and slim magnetic buckles for easy self-connect, the Action Reliever is perfect for less active older patients that need a brace that is easy to apply and comfortable to wear. Patients who lead an active lifestyle and are searching for a low-profile solution have also fallen in love with the brace. It slips easily under most clothes for a discreet fit and can be worn all day on the job site or in the office.

The Action Reliever features:

· Naturally breathable knitting that allows for continuous air flow

· Uniquely curved straps that adapt to the movement of the leg

· A three-point strapping system that relieves pain and increases mobility

· Inflammation reducing compression

· Two slim magnetic buckles that connect easily, even for patients with limited dexterity

· Specific design reduces migration and rotation of the brace

The Action Reliever isn’t just comfortable and easy to use, it has been proven* to be an effective tool in the battle against pain from osteoarthritis. Study shows patients who wore the Action Reliever could walk farther and with less pain than those who did not wear the brace.

Give your patients the comfortable and easy to use bracing option, with the Action Reliever by Thuasne USA.

*North Rhine Orthopedic Practice Centre in Aachen, Germany CTR, Version 1 ; 31-03- 2017. Prospective randomized comparative study to demonstrate the medical benefits and ease of use during practical application of Thuasne Action Reliever