Thuasne Is Proud To Support World Health Day

Thuasne Is Proud To Support World Health Day - Image

April 7th is one of the most important times of the year…World Health Day. Each year the World Health Organization seeks to bring knowledge and education to a pressing health issue that is affecting the world on a global and local level. This year for World Health Day, the focus is on the importance of equal and affordable health care for everyone. While this focus covers all of the many different areas of healthcare, we want to focus on our area of expertise: when people have access to affordable healthcare, they will also have access to the best equipment on the market and experience a better and faster recovery.

The Importance of Primary Health Care

The goal of Universal Healthcare means that all people have access to the quality health services they need, when and where they need them, without financial hardship. The foundation for making this happen is quality Primary Health Care. Primary Health Care covers most of a person’s health needs throughout their lives including prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliative care. According to the World Health Organization, at least half of the world’s population lacks Primary Health Care.
Many of us have a primary care doctor that we see for yearly checkups or a stubborn sickness that we can not nurse at home. These doctors build trusted relationships with their patients and know what each patient needs, and what other solutions need to be prescribed in order to give the patient exactly what they need at the best possible price. Primary doctors, and Primary Health Care initiatives from the World Health Organization, focus on making healthcare and solutions affordable and high quality so that a person gets the best care they deserve.

A Better, Faster, Recovery

Great healthcare gives each patient access to the best solutions on the market so that they can live a healthy life. When patients are healthy, they are also happy and able to contribute to the betterment of the world in their own unique way. At Thuasne USA we are on the other side of the story, the ones who help primary care doctors and other physicians have access to the best braces on the market. Our braces are not only made with our proprietary knitted technology, but many are also custom fabricated. Our braces are accessible to any physician because while we believe that affordable healthcare is vital, we have also made quality products more affordable compared to anything else on the market.

In addition to superior quality, many of our braces have proven results for a better and faster recovery. In addition, our braces have been proven as effective measures for preventing injury as well. Our braces cover all areas of the body and designed for patients who are heavily involved in sports as well as ordinary people who live active lifestyles. From our Townsend Brace with a focus on ligament support for the knees to our Spry Step® for ankle support, and even our Sleeq brace which focuses on the lower back. No matter what job or lifestyle you or your patients are living, we have a brace that will provide the right support you need through a prescription that is covered by your healthcare provider.

We are proud to support the initiatives for World Health Day 2019 in our mission and our values. Affordable and quality healthcare is of utmost importance to us on both a local and global scale. If you haven’t already, head on over the World Health Organization site to see how you can make your own unique contribution to these efforts.