The Importance of supporting your shoulder and elbow. How we can help.

The Importance of supporting your shoulder and elbow. How we can help. - Image

One of the most common injuries that anyone can suffer from is sustaining an injury to the Rotator Cuff. This injury is so common because one can easily suffer an acute injury from a fall or accident, but also a chronic injury can occur from repetitive motions such as throwing a ball or heavy lifting. Either of these scenarios can happen to the professional athlete as well as the mom picking up her toddler or the golfer who does the sport for fun. In some cases, these repetitive motions can also cause another injury called the UCL injury. While a Rotator Cuff injury is comprised of four different muscles around the shoulder, the UCL injury occurs at the inside of the elbow. Because both of these injuries can happen readily, it is good to know one’s options for a speedy and healthy recovery. To rehabilitate this injury we recommend our shoulder and elbow braces which are designed for a fast recovery, reduction in pain, and mobility.

Nothing to Shrug Off

Our shoulder braces are nothing to shrug off. While most braces on the market are a one size fits all solution, our shoulder solutions are designed with the unique needs of the patient. Depending on the injury, we have shoulder slings that aim to immobilize one’s shoulder for a fast recovery. All of our shoulder slings are designed to keep the position of the shoulder in place during recovery after surgery or injury. Immobilization allows for the muscles in the shoulder to heal and reduces inflammation and overall pain.

On the other hand, if the shoulder injury recovery calls for immobilization and posture control, then one of our clavicle straps may be the best fit. Our clavicle straps are easily adjusted for the patient’s size and stature and come with extra padding for optimal comfort. Clavicle straps are ideal for the patient who needs additional support across the upper spine as well as the shoulders.

Doing your own research and taking this information to your doctor will help you both form a partnership based on trust and communication and give him or her the information they need to prescribe you the brace that is best for you.

Elbow Your Way In

Our shoulder solutions are not the only impressive braces we have for injuries such as the Rotator Cuff or UCL injuries. We offer a myriad of options when it comes to our elbow braces. All are focused on comfort and rapid recovery, yet each category has a specific recovery outcome in mind:

  • Custom Elbow Solutions: Our Custom Elbow braces are designed for those suffering hyperextension injuries and chronic elbow instabilities that require rigid stabilization. Each of these braces is custom made from a cast or digital arm scan.
  • Post-op Elbow: Some injuries require surgical intervention, and for these cases, our Post-op Elbow solutions are the right solution. These braces provide stability, support, and mobilization.
  • Tennis Elbow: Sometimes, an injury needs support and compression for inflamed tendons as often seen with tennis elbow. These braces offer the exact support required without hindering everyday activities.

When an injury threatens to put a wrench in your routine, our braces make sure you still get to participate in your life. Recovery is essential, but it doesn’t have to be isolating or slow. No matter what has caused your injury, our braces are diverse enough to fit your body, your lifestyle, and your recovery needs. Ask your doctor about prescribing the best Thuasne USA bracing solution for you!