The End of the Year

The End of the Year - Image

The end of the year is quickly approaching! But before people decide on their resolutions, many are resolved on heading to the doctor’s office before the end of the year.  A recent study showed that on average, there are 11% more patients in primary care offices in the fourth quarter than any other quarter.   This rise in visits is attributed to deductibles that have already been met but will begin again in the new year, causing patients to make any last minute appointments they have been putting off until now.  In fact, out of 13.8 million patients in the athenahealth network paid 27% less for their deductible during these last few months of the year than they would have at the beginning of the year.

While some patients are visiting their doctors by choice during this fourth quarter, others are landing themselves into the office due to common fall and winter injuries related to falling on slippery ground, skiing, or seeking pain reduction due to an  increase in joint and muscle pain due to the changes in barometric pressure that come with cold weather.  Some common injuries associated with this time of year include:

  • Wrist fractures
  • Dislocated shoulders
  • Lower back/spinal injuries
  • Skier’s thumb
  • Knee injuries
  • Ankle fractures
  • …and others.

Whatever the cause for the office visit, many patients find themselves in need of new equipment or solutions to manage pain or start a new healing protocol in the new year.  And while doctors are the experts at deciding which medical braces will benefit the patient’s needs the most, Thuasne USA remains a top choice among medical professionals, especially at this time of year.  

The majority of our braces are covered by insurance and reimbursable, making it easier for the patient to get approval for their brace, but also may appeal to the patient who has been resisting getting the brace they need due to financial limits. Letting your patients know that our custom fit braces are covered by insurance may increase the chances that they will seek and obtain the help that they need.

While we know that your office may already be seeing an influx of appointments, our goal is not to make you or your staff more hectic around this holiday season! To make things a bit easier for you and your staff,f we have developed a beautiful product catalog you can quickly reference on your tablet while patients are in office, or link into a general email update you send to your patient list.  In addition, if Thuasne USA isn’t already one of your preferred providers, please check out our website and request a representative in your area.

We look forward to partnering with you this quarter to provide your patients with custom fit braces and unparalleled bracing technology for almost every type of ailment.  In a season that places all types of demands on our bodies, your expertise paired with Thuasne USA braces can help carry some of the load. Now that’s something to celebrate!