The Best Solution for Preventing Injury in Basketball

The Best Solution for Preventing Injury in Basketball - Image

March Madness is here and we are just as excited as you are for basketball season to be in full swing! Basketball isn’t just a favorite sport to watch, but also a very popular sport for participation among all age groups. Basketball requires quick and rotating movements, jumping, running, and almost everything in between. Injuries are very common in basketball but they don’t have to be!

Did you know that bracing as a preventative measure is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself injury free during basketball season? In today’s blog post, we help you understand why bracing is one of your most effective measures for preventing injury, and introduce to you two of our best selling braces for basketball players.

How Will a Brace Prevent Injury?

Braces provide support to both the ankle and knee joints which keep it stable and less likely to rotate or turn in a harmful way. Most people are hesitant to try a brace while they are playing sports due to their reputation of being bulky, heavy or limiting movement. While this may be true for most neoprene braces on the market, it is not the case for our braces and bracing technology.

Let us introduce to you two of our most popular braces designed specifically to help prevent knee and ankle injuries: the Malleo Dynastab (ankle) and the Genu Pro Activ (knee) Both of these braces are built for:

  • Movement: With anti-migration technology these braces will stay snug and fit to your body no matter how intense your game gets.
  • Maximum Efficiency: Easy and quick to put on, these braces are designed for the athlete on the go. Built with 3D knitting and lightweight material, these braces can travel with you, and be slipped on and off quickly and easily.
  • Optimal Comfort: Our braces are made to fit you like a glove, support your body in the best way possible without being uncomfortable. These braces move with you as you navigate your game, never getting in the way of your best performance.

At Thuasne, we have developed a proprietary technology that exceeds all expectations for both patients and doctors when it comes to medical bracing technology: pain relief, superior fit, anti-migration, and breathable fabric. Our knitted bracing technology is like no other technology on the market, and it is our industry distinction.

Truly, it’s the Thuasne difference.

Who is at Risk for Injury?

It is a common misconception that one must be playing at a very high competitive level in order to be at risk for injury, but the truth is that anyone playing the sport from recreational and youth to high school, college and the NBA, could be injured at some point while playing. A foundational approach to avoiding any and all types of injuries is being sure to stretch and strengthen appropriately. Your muscles and joints need to taken care which includes proper warm ups and cool down stretches, as well as appropriate strength training.

Ankle and knee sprains are the most common injuries for basketball players and while they can happen anytime during the season, trends suggest that most players become injured on the road to the playoffs. This is most likely due to the increased amount of time and effort with more frequent practices, pushing one’s self harder during these practices and not allowing enough rest and recovery in between. Most basketball injuries occur in the player’s ankles and knees due to the sudden shifting of weight, quick and agile turn of direction, rolling the ankle or knee when coming down from a jump, or even a fall.

Here at Thuasne USA, we make braces on another level entirely. We believe that braces should never hinder your progress or your life, only add to them. Built with the modern athlete in mind, our braces are designed for every type of athlete no matter what competitive level they are playing. Our braces are designed with fully functional and optimal joint support so you can bring your A-game every time.

Talk to your Doctor today about prescribing you one of our medical-grade braces for your basketball season. Preventative measures can not only keep you out of pain, but also can keep you off the bench!