Team Sports Bracing Program: Thuasne

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Behind every great athlete is an excellent athletic trainer.  Athletic trainers keep the able bodies on the field agile and strong; they step in for trauma care, preventative measures, and more.  Thuasne USA has consistently been a leader in custom bracing solutions and a key player in keeping NFL players healthy, safe, and sharp.  In fact, it was not too long ago that Thuasne’s custom knee solutions were officially named #1 in the industry.  

The bracing market has come a long way in the past 30 years, as Thuasne has initiated development and has always generated strength within the competition.  Our braces continue to be a leading force in sports medicine, and, in a tradition of excellence, we are delighted to introduce you to one of our corporate team members who continues our momentum and will further propel us forward as the leading solution for the NFL and beyond.  

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Our Director of Sports Bracing, Steve Bartlinski, remarks on our superior products, the most athletic, custom, form fitting knee and elbow braces on the market: “Our braces help protect student athletes from new injury or reinjury.  I look forward to introducing ATC’s and team physicians to our growing range of knee, elbow and ankle braces.”  With a wide range of experience and expertise, Bartlinski doesn’t use his words haphazardly.  He is confident that our braces are named best on the market because they have continued to provide protection, comfort, and pain relief for many different types of athletes.  

Bartlinski comes to us with vast experience in treating sports training injuries.  During his tenure at Stanford University as Head Football Athletic trainer,  Bartlinski was named Stanford Football’s Man of the Year for his dedicated service to the program.   Over and over again, Bartlinski utilized the Townsend Premier knee brace to provide prophylactic support for all defensive lineman, outside linebackers and quarterbacks, such as Andrew Luck.  In addition, the Townsend Air knee brace was utilized by the players who had sustained knee ligament injuries, specifically the linemen.  

Bartlinski has over 20 years experience caring for football players at renowned Stanford University and the San Jose Sabercats. He worked as well with the San Jose Rock ‘N” Roll Marathon, USA MotoGP Red Bull Championships, East-West Shrine Game, Youth Impact Program (YIP), WWE Professional Wrestling, USA Track and field, as well as the Assistant Athletic Trainer for beach volleyball at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA. Bartlinski comes to our team with impressive credentials; he is a certified athletic trainer, a licensed physical therapist, a certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner, a registered Orthopedic technologist, and a licensed Orthopedic Brace Technologist.

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Thuasne USA has had an excellent relationship with professional athletes and the NFL for some time now, and our team looks forward to continuing strong connections.  Football isn’t going anywhere, and as the game maneuvers growth and change, we promise to be there with a solution for every twist and turn.