Spinal Bracing that Enhances Patient Comfort

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Supporting Patients Through Spinal Surgery

Undergoing back surgery is rarely a first method of treatment. By the time patients opt for surgery, they have usually tried a number of treatments to relieve their back pain. What can also be unsettling is that surgery can’t guarantee relief. But with the right preparation and recovery, back surgery has a high likelihood of improving chronic back conditions and delivering long term benefits.

Obtaining a successful outcome after spinal surgery is dependent on various factors — one of the most important being a patient’s willingness to pursue rehabilitation and allow the spine to heal properly. As the pain from surgery begins to subside, patients are encouraged to spend more time on their feet and slowly take on more of their regular activities. To make this possible without the threat of further injury, most spinal rehabilitation cases require braces to keep the spine stabilized and prevent unwanted movements.

Often after surgery, physicians opt for a Thoraco-lumbosacral (TLSO) brace to help patients keep their back stable, specifically the thoracic and lumbar sections of the spine. In order to limit unwanted movements, TLSO braces are fairly rigid devices that do control motion well, but are often unpleasant to wear.

SLEEQMax 700x700 300x300 Spinal Bracing that Enhances Patient ComfortAlong with post-operative uses, these braces can be used to treat a variety of other conditions, like compression fractures, postural issues, sprains and strains, arthritis and more. Supporting the spine often leads to pain reduction, reduced medications, and increased activity levels.

The Thuasne Difference

When patients are required to wear a back brace after surgery or an injury, it’s important that the brace is not only supportive and effective but also comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. One of the biggest complaints of TLSO braces is that they are bulky and cause underarm and/or shoulder pain from digging in or not having the option for a customizable fit. Knowing patients’ concerns, our team of clinical experts designed a post-operative and post-injury TLSO that’s more breathable, easy to wear, and ergonomic for patient comfort.

SLEEQ Max Universal TLSO

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Meet the new SLEEQ Max premium TLSO for post-op and post-injury stabilization. It’s the result of extensive research, development and testing that combines the innovative SLEEQ universal brace platform with the legendary superiority of Townsend’s rigid brace designs. It’s synonymous with comfort and ease of use by implementing a simple ergonomic strap system, self-molding plastics, and breathable materials.

To further address patient needs, the SLEEQ Max is designed to allow over the shoulder or under axilla strapping options that maximize flexion control and comfort. It also adds adjustable, modular, customizable components, including:

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  • Height adjustments to ensure the right fit for every individual
  • Panels that can be trimmed and heat modified
  • Steel upright that can be bent to match anatomical contours
  • Wings that can be trimmed and angled to accommodate waist to hip ratios

The healing and rehabilitation process is long and ongoing, but the SLEEQ Max strives to upgrade each patient’s experience while still providing exceptional control and stability to the spine. Our goal at Thuasne is to help patients and doctors ensure a successful recovery, whether it’s spinal surgery, injury, or other spinal disorders. The healing process means more than just reduced pain for patients; it’s the ability for them to be more active, productive, and happy. And with a TLSO solution that focuses on patient comfort and compliance, the SLEEQ Max has their back throughout the process.