Record breaking team ready to hit the Richmond Marathon

Record breaking team ready to hit the Richmond Marathon - Image

She’s the first person with MS to run a marathon on all seven continents and now Cheryl Hile is rallying more than 200 runners to join her in support of the Richmond Marathon.

Hile and 257 runners, many of which also live with MS, will hit the streets of Richmond or join virtually on November 16th with a simple message.

“It is possible to move forward despite a debilitating disease like MS. They want to motivate others with [or without] MS to do what they can and never give up!” says Hile

Hile was diagnosed with MS in 2006 and soon after dropfoot halted her ability to run. Within a year Cheryl was given an Ankle Foot Orthosis, which allowed her to get back to running but she struggled for years to find an AFO that was truly right for her.

In 2018 she met with the team from Thuasne and with the help of her Orthotist Ara Mirzaian at Hanger Clinic in Encinitas, CA a custom AFO was developed for her needs. The collaboration between Hile and Thuasne inspire the SpryStep Flex, a new addition to the SpryStep range that offers increased flexibility for the most active patients.

Despite the advice of her neurologist to “lower her expectations” she has never allowed herself to slow down and thanks to the SpryStep Flex, she doesn’t have to. The carbon fiber materials are lighter and more flexible and decrease the amount of discomfort Hile feels while running long distances.

Hile’s team, “Run a Myelin my shoes”, is named for the myelin sheath in the central nervous system. MS, an autoimmune disease, attacks the myelin sheath leading to symptoms including fatigue, neuropathic pain, numbness, cognitive issues, bladder and bowel problems, loss of vision and physical impairments. But Hile says that’s not stopping her dedicated team.

“AFO’s, trekking poles and even walkers are helping members of my team can stay active to the best of their abilities.”