Quinn Medical Acquired by the Thuasne Group

Quinn Medical Acquired by the Thuasne Group - Image

Quinn Medical Acquired by the Thuasne Group

(Bakersfield, CA) January 26, 2016 – The Thuasne Group, owner of Townsend Design, an industry leader in orthopedic knee and leg braces, announced today the acquisition of Quinn Medical, LLC, a spinal bracing company based in San Clemente, California.

Quinn Medical initiated sales of their SLEEQ Spinal Therapy System in 2011. The SLEEQ braces were the first in the industry to feature a universal one-size design, with a simplistically ingenious method for adjusting the circumferential length of the brace to accommodate virtually any size patient. Quinn’s innovative technology is prescribed for injuries, post-surgical treatment and mobility limiters, providing comfortable stabilization to help people get Back In Motion.

“Quinn has meticulously merged product design, materials and manufacturing to create superior functionality and comfort. This is exactly our business strategy and success factor at Thuasne,” said Elizabeth Ducottet, owner of the group. “We are very pleased that Thuasne USA now includes two very respected American companies that fabricate premium orthopedic products that enhance physical motion, daily mobility, and quality of life.”

The purchase increases Thuasne’s investment in the US market and diversifies the portfolio of orthopedic products available through its European subsidiaries and global network of medical device distributors. The Thuasne Group and its 15 subsidiary companies are solely owned by Elizabeth Ducottet and her three children, who serve in management positions and are the sixth generation owner operators of the company. Thuasne (pronounced Two Ann) has annual sales of over $200 million.

About Quinn Medical

Founded by Allwyn and Todd Thornton, Quinn Medical has approximately 20 employees and a hybrid sales force that includes direct and independent representatives. Quinn’s spinal products are primarily purchased and dispensed by orthopedic, pain management, rehabilitation and chiropractic clinics.

About Thuasne And Townsend Design (Thuasne USA)

Founded in France in 1847, The Thuasne Group is a one of Europe’s oldest, largest and most respected orthopedic companies, specializing in wearable medical devices. Thuasne has over 1,800 employees and subsidiary companies throughout Europe. In 2011, Thuasne purchased Townsend Design, one of the orthopedic industry’s most respected manufacturers of custom and off-the-shelf braces. Townsend has 175 employees and is based in Bakersfield, CA.