MS patient to run 50 5K races across the US with help from the SpryStep Flex

MS patient to run 50 5K races across the US with help from the SpryStep Flex - Image


She’s a veteran marathon runner sidelined by Multiple Sclerosis, but thanks to Thuasne’s custom SpryStep Flex Heather Goodrich is back on the road and ready to run in all 50 states.

“I absolutely love them. They are so light and so flexible.  It’s really a blessing.” says Goodrich who was diagnosed with MS in 2012.  With her diagnosis came the condition “foot drop”, a gait abnormality where a patient experiences an inability or impaired ability to raise the toes or raise the foot from the ankle.

“I was a veteran marathon runner and then it all had to stop.” says Goodrich, “I’ve gone from foot drop to bilateral foot drop and have gone from running 20 miles to barely making it up the road.”

Goodrich tried multiple braces to help with her condition and mobility, but says she found issues with every brand.  From rubbing, to blistering, inverting her foot and causing pain, Goodrich experienced poor fit and ineffective support at every turn.

“Finally, last year when I lost my right leg, a friend introduced me to the SpryStep Flex.  Since then I have been able to get out and active.  I absolutely love them.” Says Goodrich, “I pretty much wear them all the time.  They are so durable, so flexible, you can get them wet, they are comfortable.  You can wear them every day for everything.”

Being diagnosed with MS completely changed Goodrich’s life and at times she says she felt helpless and like a different person.  Finding a reliable solution that would increase her mobility was a top priority.

“When you have MS, you don’t have control and lose your confidence.  So, trust is really important when it comes to a brace.  With my SprySteps I feel confident, I trust them, and I know they’re the best option for me right now.”

With her SprySteps, Goodrich has challenged herself to run 50 5K races, one in every state.  She’s ready to take on the challenge and not let her diagnosis dictate her life.

“My Mantra is to stay strong and Vertical as long as I can.  I will never give up hope.  Showing the world through hard work and determination anything is possible.  I personally want to thank the folks at Thuasne USA and Hanger Clinic.  Without these braces none of this would have been possible.”