Holiday Season and the Sleeq Brace

Holiday Season and the Sleeq Brace - Image

While the holiday season is full of joy, family, and celebration – it can also be the season for injury, specifically back injuries.  While it doesn’t necessarily feel like we are putting our bodies through new stress or movements, many of our holiday traditions actually end up putting our spines in uncompromising positions that can lead to injury or strain.  

When it comes to muscle strain and spinal injuries, it is often hard to tell if the pain we are feeling is due to a chronic condition or an acute impairment.  Chronic strains are caused by repetitive motions that gradually stretch or tear a muscle. These types of injuries are common for athletes or those with physically demanding jobs.  Acute muscle strains, on the other hand, are injuries that occur after sudden jarring impacts or during activities that include heavy lifting or an inordinate amount of strain pressure placed on the spine.  

During the holiday season, we engage in many activities that may cause an acute spinal injury that we may not even think twice about. In fact, take a look at this list of holiday activities that while may seem second nature, could also put your spine at risk:

  • Heavy lifting of presents or holiday decoration boxes
  • Stretching high and low to deck the halls
  • Excessive and quick movement due to deep cleaning before guests join in for a holiday meal
  • Sitting for long periods of time in a car or plane for holiday travel

Many of these activities paired with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season make for a great combination in which our spines may let us know we are doing too much.  

At Thuasne USA, we offer a variety of upper and lower spinal braces to help reduce pain and speed up recovery time.  Among these options is one of our most popular braces due to the commonality of injury and the success rate of the brace: the SLEEQ.  The SLEEQ brace is a semi-rigid spinal brace that provides compression, easy adjustment, and comfort to the patient.  With over seven different options, the Sleeq brace is one of the most diverse braces on the market, yet due to our custom fit bracing technology, remains one of the most personal as well.  

Spinal injuries affect the entire body, leaving, most injured individuals to automatically assume their participation in holiday events are over, yet the Sleeq offers a different alternative for your patients.  Designed specifically for everyday movements, the Sleeq actually offers your patients increased mobility, reduction in pain, and offers patients maximum comfort with minimum effort.  The diversity of the Sleeq makes it one of our most sought-after braces, for both chronic and acute spinal injury.

Check out the many different variations of the SLEEQ brace; a product line-up born from extensive research, development, and testing driven by actual users, clinician, and engineers.  Our team of experts have designed a product that will allow your patients to still participate in the holiday season in the ways they love the most.