Custom Fabricated Elbow Bracing

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Elbow Injuries and Rehabilitation in Athletes

Elbow injuries are no stranger to athletes, especially baseball pitchers, football players, and other throwing athletes. In a study of acute ulnar collateral elbow injuries in the NFL, 91 injuries were incurred over a five-season period, including 70 sprains, 16 dislocations/subluxations, and four fractures. To help prevent injuries from worsening or causing chronic instability, in which the elbow joint will continuously catch, pop, or slide out of place, elbow bracing is generally recommended as a first line of treatment.

While treatment will vary from patient to patient based on the timing, severity, and history of injuries, elbow bracing is used by most as a conservative treatment because it helps stabilize the elbow without keeping athletes out of the game. Not only does elbow bracing help rehabilitate the elbow by controlling its range of motion, it also helps patients follow a progressive treatment protocol in which they can return to normal activity while maintaining joint protection.

Thuasne Difference

The Townsend Custom Elbow Brace, created by Thuasne USA’s team of clinical experts and sports medicine specialists, helps patients adhere to treatment because the brace is fabricated from a scan or a cast for a truly customized fit. Using a traditional synthetic cast or digital scan using Thuasne USA’s TechMed 3D application software, the brace will be modeled from an exact replica of the patient’s arm. Plus, with carbon graphite shells and vacuum forming features, the brace intimately controls elbow instabilities without hindering day-to-day activities. Because of this, many professional and college athletes use Townsend’s (Thuasne USA) Custom Elbow Brace to perform with injuries that would have otherwise sidelined them or diminished their playing capacity.

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In addition to customized fabrication, our Custom Elbow Brace also includes:

  • Low profile design
  • Non-elastic straps
  • 5 Extension stops that can be set at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees
  • 3 Flexion stops that can be set at 90, 110 and 120 degrees

As one of the only custom and accommodating elbow braces on the market, it delivers high-performance protection for athletes with elbow injuries or chronic instability. However, it is also a popular therapy option for individuals outside of sports, especially those who work in construction or highly laborious industries that have experienced elbow injuries, including:

  • Bicep Tendon strain, rupture or tear
  • Triceps Tendon strain, rupture of tear
  • Stable mid-shaft or distal humeral fracture
  • Stable mid-shaft or proximal ulna or radius fracture
  • Chronic epicondylitis
  • Mild to severe soft tissue damage
  • Post-operative elbow surgery to include the Tommy John UCL procedure
  • Mild to severe elbow joint laxity
  • Post-operative partial or total elbow replacement
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With a commitment to rehabilitation, patients may regain full range of motion, strength, and stability following an elbow injury.

With truly customized fitting and features, Thuasne USA’s Townsend Custom Elbow Brace helps athletes and individuals support the elbow, advance the healing process, and helps prevent further injury without hindering their day-to-day activities.