Cheryl Hile and RAMMS hit new milestones in the Charm City

Cheryl Hile and RAMMS hit new milestones in the Charm City - Image

Cheryl Hile and the RAMMS team checked another item off her bucket list as they completed the Baltimore Marathon this month.

This was another huge milestone for Cheryl as it was her 50th run with her husband, Brian Hile. As Cheryl’s MS progresses and running becomes more difficult her husband runs alongside her at her pace. “Our goal together is to enjoy and finish marathons,” Cheryl said

“It’s just so hard to express in words how much life the SpryStep® has given me,” Cheryl said while talking about her run. “It just makes me realize that I can still live a very full and happy life”

Cheryl was diagnosed with MS in 2006 and soon after dropfoot halted her ability to run. Within a year Cheryl was given an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) which allowed her to get back to the sport, but she struggled for years to find an AFO that was truly right for her.

In 2018 she met with the team from Thuasne and with the help of Hanger Clinic a custom AFO was developed for her needs. The collaboration between Hile, Thuasne and Hanger inspired the SpryStep® Flex, a groundbreaking addition to Thuasne’s range of off-the-shelf and custom AFOs, offering increased flexibility for the most active patients.

SpryStep® Product Manager, Fraser Allen, attended the run and said, “It has been a true career highlight to help Cheryl complete marathons off her bucket list and provide her with the tools to continue living a full and active life.”