RebelReliever Study Results

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Wearing femorotibial orthosis RebelReliever® improves the outcome of osteoarthrisis treatment

Randomized and monitored stage III study

16 May 2017


Affiliations: 1- Hôpital Rothschild, MPR, Paris, FRANCE – 2- Hôpital Henri Mondor, Rhumatology, Créteil, FRANCE – 3- THUASNE, Levallois-Perret, FRANCE – 4- CHU Clermont-Ferrand, MPR, U Clermont Auvergne, FRANCE


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the benefit of wearing the Thuasne Group’s stress-relieving knee brace RebelReliever® for patients suffering from medial osteoarthrisis, and receiving regular treatment (including analgesic, lifestyle and dietary advices and physical therapy).

Material and methods

A clinical study of 67 patients suffering from medial osteoarthritis who were included at 10 study sites provided an opportunity to assess the interest of wearing the RebelReliever® knee brace. The healthcare professionals involved in the osteoarthrisis treatment were: general practitioner, rheumatologist, physical and rehabilitation therapist, orthopedic surgeon.

The main criterion was the evolution of knee pain over the last 24 hours after 6 weeks of wearing the knee brace. Secondary criteria included the evolution in pain during movement, functional evolution, and tolerance and compliance with wearing the knee brace. Its relief mechanism using the patented “LoadShifter” technology shifts the load from the affected knee compartment (3-point stress relief system).


The population of the study mainly consisted of women (65.7%) with a median age of 65.7 years. In the inclusion, the average global pain was 63.8 (10.6) mm in the group “with knee brace” and 64.7 (13.5) in the group “without knee brace“, the average pain in movement was respectively 73.4 (12.7) and 71.9 (13.8) mm, and the average score of the Lequesne index was 13.42 (3.74) and 12.63 (3.22).
After 6 weeks, the reduction in overall pain observed in the “with knee brace” group was significantly greater. A greater reduction in pain during movement was also observed, along with improved function. Moreover, tolerance and compliance with wearing the knee brace were excellent.


The results of this study prove that patients with knee osteoarthritis with moderate to severe affliction of the medial compartment can receive great benefits from wearing the knee brace. We can imagine that this approach could push back the need for surgery and/or provide relief for patients who would not be eligible.


Combining RebelReliever® knee brace with usual care is a powerful non-pharmacological therapeutic strategy to handle medial osteoarthritis.

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