Softforce Reliever

    Patients with mild to moderate medial or lateral OA who are more compatible with a less rigid knee brace that offers compression and comfortable leg alignment support.


    • Latex free fiber cool compression sleeve
    • Townsend Motion TM6 Hinge
    • Two internal hinge pockets (no exposed metal)
    • Adjustable aluminum bar with paddles
    • Condylar pads
    • Extension stops


    • OTS, XS to 4XL Options
    • Medial or lateral OA
    • Option of lateral hinge position for lateral OA
    • Flexion stop kit


    OTS: XS to 4XL

    Hinge/Bar Assembly

    The SoftForce can be configured for medial or lateral OA. The aluminum bar and hinge assembly inserts into an internal pocket. For stock inventory, the brace can be used universally by shifting the hinge to the pocket in the opposite side of the brace.

    Extra Large Thigh Opening

    The thigh section features a unique anterior closure that creates a wide opening. This feature makes the brace extremely easy to pull on and tighten.

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