Rebel Ligament

    Patients who have experienced ligament injuries and/or reconstructive knee surgery.


    • Rigid aircraft aluminum frame
    • Townsend Motion TM5+ Hinges
    • Extension stop kit
    • Exclusive Synergistic Suspension Strap
    • Rotation control tibial shell contour
    • Powdercoat finish


    • Rebel Lite (lowest weight, less rigid)
    • Rebel (ideal for most patients)
    • Rebel PRO (heavy users and contact sports)
    • Anti-migration strap padding
    • ACL or combined instabilities
    • 13 (Rebel Lite), 14, 15 and 16 inch length
    • Compression/Suspension anti-migration package
    • Flexion stop kit
    • A variety of colors
    • Standard OTS sizes XS to XL (XXL Pro model)
    • “Custom assembled” from 3 leg measurements
    • Custom from a cast, digital leg scan, Custom Configuration System (photos)

    Optional shell configurations

    The Rebel is available in a variety of custom shell configurations.

    Fitting Instructions >

    Sizing Chart >

    Casting & Scanning Insturctions >

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