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XLR8 Series

Provides stabilization, protection and limited range of motion as the foot, ankle or shin heal from injury. Learn More>

EZG8 & EZG8 ROM Walker

Designed to offer stabilization and protection as the foot, ankle or shin heal from injury. Learn More>

Achilles & Adjusta Walker

Offers rehabilitation support and comfort following foot, ankle or shin trauma. Learn More>


The Townsend PediWalker enables active children to safely and comfortably ambulate while recovering from an injury or surgery. Universal (fits left or right foot) and only three sizes to reduce inventory costs, the PediWalker is a convenient, kid-friendly alternative to casting children 18 months to seven years old. Stabilized mobility promotes healing and good health. Learn More>

PDAC Letters

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Available Boots

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  • XLR8 Series

  • EZG8 & EZG8 ROM Walker

  • Achilles & Adjusta Walker

  • PediWalker