Reliever, Reliever Air & Reliever Air Lite

PDAC Approved L-Code L1846

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Recommended for: Moderate to severe medial or lateral osteoarthritis and/or combination OA and ligament instability. Ideal for patients requiring soft tissue containment and maximum off loading.


  • Custom wet lamination carbon graphite shells
  • Maximum control thanks to large shell to skin contact surface
  • Townsend Motion TM5+ Hinges
  • Patented LoadShifter
  • Exclusive Synergistic Suspension Strap
  • Anti-rotation tibia shell bolster (RelieverAir)


  • Virtually any shell length or trimline
  • Anti-migration strap padding
  • Hinge material — aluminum or stainless
  • Full figure model for soft tissue containment
  • Flexion stop kit (Extension stop kit included)
  • A variety of colors or fabric inlay

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