Premier Ankle Brace

Suggested L-Code L1970

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Recommended for: Instability / inversion and eversion issues / chronic angle instabilities and some forms of arthritis / posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.


  • Anterior or posterior tibia containment shell
  • Thermo-plasticorcarbonfootplate
  • Hinges integrate seamlessly into the brace structure
  • Easy to install inserts restrict inversion and eversion
  • Multiple shell configuration available

Premier Ankle Order Form

Premier Ankle Brace Fitting Instructions


Fiberglass (recommended brands are C-Form from ST&G, Delta Conformable BSN, Delta Lite BSN and Össur Techform)

Recommended Technique

  • Dry casting (with fiberglass)
  • Use of a casting platform


Sitting in a chair

  • Using casting platform to replicate heel height and toe ramp (or another system allowing to replicate heel height and toe
  • Metatarsal touching the casting platform
  • Optimal sagittal alignment: correlates with heel height of
    the shoe (+/- 5° of the functional alignment)
  • Optimal coronal alignment: to represent biomechanical
    goals (+/- 3° of functional alignment)
  • Tibial inclination of 7°