Premier Ankle Brace

Townsend Premier Ankle Braces combine an anterior or posterior tibia containment shell with a thermo plastic (or carbon) foot plate, offering a significant level of functional control and durability.

This product is extremely successful for patients who are compromised by instabilities and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. These ultra low profile braces incorporate unique hinges that are integrated seamlessly into the structure. The standard hinges come with a set of easy-to-install inserts to restrict inversion and eversion motion. Compared to traditional gauntlet style braces, the Premier Ankle Brace provides comfortable stabilization WITHOUT ANY LIMITATION to normal plantarflexion and dorisiflexion motion.


  • Instability inversion and eversion issues
  • Chronic ankle instabilities and some forms of arthritis
  • Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
  • Elite athletes with an injured ankle or at high risk for injury
  • Severe Pes Planus (flat foot, if a UCBL has failed)


Premier Ankle Braces can be ordered with anterior or posterior shells, and with a variety of foot plate options. Premier Ankle Braces with standard ankle joints include inserts that can fixate the joints or limit inversion/eversion.

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