Dynamic Reliever

The updated and enhanced Dynamic Reliever offers improved features and is the first medial compartment OA brace you can order assembled or as unassembled components that connect without tools!


In a randomized comparative study of the Dynamic Reliever the medical benefits and ease-of-use of the brace are shown in the results.

  • Pain-free walking distance was significantly higher among patients wearing a Dynamic Reliever.
  • The effect of the brace improved even when wearing the brace for a limited time, with pain reduced during all types of exertion.
  • Patients wearing the brace had increased quality of life and independence compared to the group not wearing a brace.
  • Patient compliance was validated for a variety of activities of daily living.

North Rhine Orthopedic Practice Centre in Aachen, Germany. Prospective randomized comparative study to demonstrate the medical benefits and ease of use during practical application of Thuasne Dynamic Reliever.

Size6″ Above Knee6″ Below Knee
114 – 18″11 – 14″
218 – 24″14 – 17″
323 1/2 – 28″17 – 19″

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