Dynamic KAFO



  • Ultra-light (lightest KAFO option)
  • Dynamic KAFO can be made with a standard AFO layup (posterior version only) or from a custom layup version (anterior and posterior).
  • Ideal for asymmetric gait patients
  • Ideal for variable terrain patients


  • Genu Recurvatum (if posterior strut and calf shell)
  • Isolated Quad weakness or flexion weakness (if anterior strut and tibial shell)
  • Knee instabilities w/ Foot Drop
  • Mild/Moderate foot and ankle weakness without tone or contractions
  • OA treatment when ordered with LoadShifter mechanism
  • Locking capabilities with Townsend and Becker options
  • The above clinical indications serve as a guideline. Utilization is ultimately best left to the judgment of a qualified medical professional.

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